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WIPO is endorsed, supported, and trusted by 192 member state governments

When you use WIPO PROOF, you can be confident that your intellectual assets are safeguarded by the world’s trusted global forum for intellectual property.

WIPO PROOF uses the same industry-leading technical infrastructure and operating protocols that support WIPO’s global IP services, relied upon around the world by governments, businesses, and individuals. WIPO provides global IP services for managing all types of IP assets in a secure and trusted framework of operating protocols and technical systems out of its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. As of May 2020, it has 193 member states and administers 26 international treaties covering patents, trademarks, designs and geographical indicators.

WIPO PROOF conforms to one of the most comprehensive regulations and stringent standards for electronic trust services available in the world: eIDAS. eIDAS is the European Union’s regulation that sets out the rules for electronic identification and trusted services, including details of the required technical standards. These standards are auditable by authorized third parties.

WIPO is committed to achieving compliance with the highest technical standards available for WIPO PROOF, and is actively seeking audits by authorized third parties.

This commitment in providing a digital certification service of the highest quality is consistent with WIPO’s long history of serving innovators and creators all over the world with the industry-leading solutions they need to safely protect their idea from concept to development to completion.