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WIPO is endorsed, supported, and trusted by 192 member state governments

When you use WIPO PROOF, you can be confident that your intellectual assets are safeguarded by the world’s trusted global forum for intellectual property.

The development and launch of WIPO PROOF has been unanimously approved by WIPO’s more than 190 member states during the 59th member’s assembly in October 2019.

WIPO PROOF was conceived on the premise that the global status of WIPO as the UN-specialized agency for IP should overcome any national barriers that might limit the recognition of foreign Time Stamping Authorities (TSAs) in local jurisdictions. As such, WIPO PROOF operates in the spirit that a single WIPO PROOF token should suffice as acceptable evidence in a court of law that recognizes digital evidence, no matter the jurisdiction. This avoids the need to create the same evidence using local TSAs, for every jurisdiction where there is a potential risk of legal dispute.

The service has adopted one of the longest-lasting and established digital certification technologies available; Public Key Infrastructure technology or PKI, providing WIPO PROOF customers with digital evidence that is compliant and accepted in the broadest number of countries. Thanks to this, WIPO PROOF can be considered as the digital version of a physical notary, where the digital certification process is completely tamper-proof.

WIPO PROOF conforms to one of the most comprehensive regulations and stringent standards for electronic trust services available in the world: eIDAS. eIDAS is the European Union’s regulation that sets out the rules for electronic identification and trusted services, including details of the required technical standards based-on the ETSI standards. WIPO PROOF’s compliance with these standards is certified by an independent and eIDAS accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Additionally, the WIPO PROOF service is also certified to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for Information Security Management.

The certifications can be downloaded here:

Certification ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Certification eIDAS Trust Services for Advanced Electronic Time Stamps

WIPO provides global IP services for managing all types of IP assets in a secure and trusted framework of operating protocols and technical systems out of its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. As of May 2020, it has 193 member states and administers 26 international treaties covering patents, trademarks and designs and geographical indicators.

The commitment in providing a digital certification service of the highest quality is consistent with WIPO’s long history of serving innovators and creators all over the world with the industry-leading solutions they need to safely protect their innovations and creations from initial conception to in-market utilization.

The WIPO PROOF service uses the following public key certificates and certificate revocation lists:

WIPO Timestamp certificate

Root certificate

Intermediate certificate

Certificate revocation list for root

Certificate revocation list for intermediate